100% Palm Free

Palm oil is the main driver of deforestation in Malaysia and Indonesia. Unfortunately, the majority of palm oil plantations are unregulated leading to widespread wildlife smuggling, endangerment of species, pollution and land degradation, as well as displacement of indigenous communities, worker’s rights violations and child labour.

Palm oil is found in 40-50% of household products, however, there is currently a lack of transparency in labelling with palm oil being labelled under more than 170 different names in the UK alone. The European Union has recently ruled that food products containing “vegetable oils” must specify if this includes palm oil. However, this does not extend to cosmetic items.

Sustainable palm oil is widely touted as a way forwards to halt the devastation of virgin rainforests and the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) was formed in 2004. However, its standards do not ban deforestation or destruction of peatlands for the development of oil palm plantations.

My belief is that continued demand for palm oil, whether or not from a ‘sustainable’ source, contributes to global demand and thus maintains pressure upon deforestation. Although I welcome any measures that contribute to an improvement in conditions for the animals; environment; and people inhabiting these areas, I remain sceptical as to how this is monitored.

I have obtained certification from all suppliers to confirm that all ingredients are 100% palm free, meaning that you can rest assured that when you purchase my products you can do so with a clear conscience.

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