bee-bristolI have partnered with BEE BRISTOL to develop an exclusive range of organic honey products. I am particularly excited about this venture as a percentage of our profits will directly fund BEE BRISTOL to educate; equip and train further beekeepers in the village of origin thereby providing them with a sustainable living whilst protecting their forest environment for future generations. This is of particular import as African “killer” bees are reputed to be aggressive so there is considerable fear among the population at large. Most Gambians have very little idea of the importance of bees and many see them as pests.

Protecting and enhancing bee habitats also helps entomophily (insect pollination). With c. 60% of food crops and all tree species being insect pollinated, a healthy bee population can increase crop yields by upwards of 40%.

Further information on the scheme will be available shortly, to illustrate how honey can be used to protect environments in vulnerable areas.